7 Things The Colour Of Your Blood Says About Your Period

7 Things The Colour Of Your Blood Says About Your Period

Once a month you get a friendly visit that reminds you that you’re a woman. Often it brings cramps, moodiness, discomfort and headaches. Along with it once the bleeding starts you at least know life is getting ready to get back to normal. 

Did you know that the color of your monthly flow can actually tell you if everything is functioning smoothly down there or if you’ve got a serious menstruation situation. 

Here is everything you need to know to decode your flow:

  1.  Bright or cranberry red colour – this usually indicates the very start of your cycle. Your uterine lining is shedding and with this usually comes the unpleasurable cramps 
  2. The consistently bright red flow that looks a little like cherry cooldrink is a signal that everything is working as it should.
  3. If right before your period you notice light red or pink spotting, this could indicate low estrogen levels. Every month is different but if month after month is this way, you may want to see a doctor.
  4. If your period is watery looking you may have a nutritional deficiency. A whitish, diluted flow can be a symptom of severe anemia especially if you notice your period getting lighter and lighter when it would ordinarily get a bit heavier. If you are worried you may be anemic simply ask the doctor to do a test. 
  5. For brown or black colour most common at the very end of your period they are just older pieces of the uterus and some older blood finally being flushed out of your system. It is normal for this to happen.
  6. Dark red with clots – this appears to be kind of like a jam. It could be a sign of a definite hormone imbalance, usually it’s caused by low progesterone. 
  7. Orange colour – if there is an orange tinge to your blood with a foul-smell and a slippery consistency it may be the sign that you have an STD. You should definitely get it checked out.

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