Age And Fertility

Fertility naturally decrease as woman get older. Generally, Fertility begins to drop in your late 20s early 30s and falls more rapidly after age 35-37.


Younger woman will have healthier eggs than older woman. When a woman ages so dose her eggs and their numbers and quality reduces overtime, this is why the chances of having a baby reduces overtime. This information can be difficult for a woman who for whatever reason is not ready in their late 20s and early 30s to start a family.

There are many reasons why an individual /couple may not be ready to start a family e.g.,housingetc .Sometimes when it can be a lot more difficult is when people find themselves trying to get pregnant .

Younger men have more active and better quality sperm than older men. Most men produce millions of new sperm daily unlike females who are born with all the eggs she will ever have but the quality of sperm seems to decline as men get older. The fluid that contains sperm (semen) and the motility (moving towards an egg) decrease between ages 20-80.

If you want to have a baby now or in the future, it is important to understand how age affects your chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby. Talking to your partner about when you’d like to have children can help you and your partner understand each other’s thoughts on having a family.

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