Do Abortions Affect Infertility?

Do Abortions Or Miscarriage Affect Infertility?

The term abortion generally connotes with termination of pregnancy and miscarriage is generally an undesirable loss of pregnancy.

Largely an uncomplicated abortion or a well managed abortion should not affect fertility. If patients have complications after an abortion due to post procedure or infection  then this could affect fertility.

Implications include preventing the embryo from implanting. It leads to the scarring inside the lining of the womb which is called the endometrium and then that leads to the less chances of the embryo implanting.

There are no proven associations between abortion and future infertility. If you have untreated chlamydia there is a risk it may affect future fertility.¬† You will be offered a chlamydia test at your doctor’s office.

Having an abortion has a very small association with future
pregnancies ending before the due date. This risk increases each time a woman has an abortion however the medical evidence is insufficient to show a connection.

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