How To Increase IVF Success Naturally

Did you know that there are natural therapies that can help you prepare for your IFV journey? Below are a few suggestions to help you best prepare, in order to support your hormonal and reproductive system as well as have nutrients available during the crucial stages of early foetal development.

Create a plan ahead of time and consider the following:

Cleansing is an important component of preparing for pregnancy. Fertility cleansing consists of supporting the liver’s natural ability to cleanse itself as well as supporting uterine health and circulation. This in turn supports hormonal health and encourages a healthy uterine environment.

The second part focuses on supporting egg health, eating nutritious food, taking supplements and preparing your body for pregnancy.

The final part contains therapies specific for helping you through IVF and the stress that may be experienced once you begin medications and procedures.

Here is a quick summary of how to increase your IVF success rate naturally:

  1. Make a 90-day (3 month) preparation plan – this would be for the 3 months prior
    to beginning medications for your IVF.
  2. Prepare through cleansing and increase circulation with massage.
  3. Eat a healthy fertility diet.
  4. Use supplements such as a multivitamin, antioxidants & superfoods to help
    support egg health.
  5. Create a stress support system with a mind/body program.
  6. Get acupuncture in preparation and around the time of the embryo transfer

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