Infertility Is Not Just A Women’s Problem!

Truly it is not and often we misunderstand this.

For many years we have grown to believe that fertility only affects women. “They can’t have children, she is infertile”, “She can’t carry a baby, her womb was removed”, “She must be so sad she can’t conceive”. Who said it is only females who are affected? This is a myth many researchers have proven.  Although majority of fertility problems are reported female cases, men can be affected too. Many physical and emotional factors can cause infertility which may be due to problems in the woman, man, or both.

People don’t talk about male infertility as much because of its association with male sexuality and being a real man.

Yet, despite the seeming consistency of problems on either the male or female side of infertility, it’s clear that most treatments are focused on women, and most discussion of infertility revolves around the woman’s experience. And depending on where the couples live and how entrenched culture can be, there can even be a societal reluctance to acknowledge that male infertility even exists at all.

In many cases women bear most of the burden of preventing pregnancy. We must give time and mental space to finding a gynecologist we trust, and then we must choose, pay for, and implement a contraceptive plan, filling ourselves with additional hormones our bodies may react to in a number of adverse ways. Trust me, I have been through it all.

If we “fail” to do this successfully, we must then make a choice, or even several choices. This process can take years and this is without even the guarantee of conceiving. And should we eventually fall pregnant, the risk of an abortion or miscarriage stands high. None of these options are easy, physically or emotionally.

One in eight couples deal with infertility and this is the scary truth. Male or female, let us help fight the generalization that infertility is largely a woman’s problem.

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