Let’s Call It Baby Making Weather, Maybe More Often Than Usual

Before you start trying for a family, sex is fun, exciting, intimate, and a great way to spend a weekend. Once you start trying for a family, however, you may find that some of the fun disappears. If you are worried about conceiving and sex has become business-like, you and your partner may be suffering from decreased libido.

Fear not though, here are some natural ways to increase your baby-making libido:

Scrap the agenda
How to increase baby making libido -Sex is not a business meeting and it certainly shouldn’t feel that way. Stop worrying about positions, orgasms and timings, and instead focus on enjoying sex. Forget everything you have learned about optimal fertility and just spend some time enjoying each other once again.

Put sex on the table
If sex has become all about baby making, you may only be having sex at certain times in your cycle. Put sex back on the table, have sex on the table if it helps, just get some spontaneity back into your sex life.

Get intimate
Intimacy isn’t just about sex, it’s also about desire. One sure fire way to increase your libido, is to put some effort into intimacy. Give each other massages, take baths together, or go for a romantic weekend away – do whatever you need to help you reconnect physically. It doesn’t need to be about sex; it can be about romance and love at first, and you may find those feelings develop into sexual desire.

Work on your relationship
If you’re trying to start a family, chances are you believe you have a pretty strong relationship. But trying to conceive can put a lot of pressure on a relationship. Communication, trust, and openness are all important factors in a relationship, and you need to take time to nurture your relationship.

Look after yourself
Stop smoking, reduce your drinking, and start eating a healthy, balanced diet. Avoid junk food, which can leave you feeling lazy, and instead indulge in fresh fruits and vegetables that will leave you full of energy. Remember all those changes you promised yourself on New Year’s Eve? Now is the time to make them.

Start exercising
Exercise is known to reduce stress and increase libido. It’s up to you what exercise you choose – and there are plenty to choose from – but make sure you are exercising a few times each week. Yoga, swimming, running, and exercise classes are great ways to let off steam and reconnect with your body.


Stress can be difficult to deal with and can leave you feeling turned off sex. By reducing your stress levels, you can improve your sex drive. Exercising is a great way to start de-stressing, but there are other things you can do to. Meditation and relaxation are great ways to unwind at the end of a busy day.

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