Scar tissue and its impact on Infertility

Scar Tissue and It’s Impact On Fertility

Women that are diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) also suffer from infertility caused by the infection. PID can also be caused by a sexually transmitted disease or bacterial vaginosis. These infections can cause scarring in the fallopian tubes or abdomen. Blocked tubes can stop a mature egg from travelling to the uterus to be implanted to stop the egg from being fertilized by the sperm.
Scarring in the abdomen can cause the fallopian tubes to become cemented in place and completely separate them from the ovaries.

Frequently PID is misdiagnosed when the patient is tested negative for any sexually transmitted disease. A bad attack can cause severe abdominal pain and infection that would need to be treated with antibiotics. You would need to inform your OBGYN/GYNAE should you suspect you could have PID.

Abdominal pain or previous abdominal surgery would increase your chances of Scar tissue and could cause Infertility.


The only way to diagnose PID would be to undergo laparoscopic surgery. Your doctor may recommend laparoscopic surgery is needed when your HSG results indicate your fallopian tubes are blocked. If scarring is found during surgery the doctor will then remove all that he or she can.

Treatment for PID

Unblocking your tubes would be the first step in treating PID which is done during a laparoscopy. The recommended treatment for scare tissue is normally to remove it but there is always a chance of it returning between 6 months to a year after removal giving you some time to try and conceive. Aggressive scar tissue could grow back sooner.
In cases where aggressive scar tissue is found the best option would be In Vitro Fertilization with the highest rate of conception.