Signs Of Low Sperm Count In Men

Signs Of Low Sperm Count In Men

A low sperm count can be a source of frustration for any couple that is attempting to build a family. In many cases a low sperm count can be addressed by dietary changes, adjustments and sexual practices and even changes in underwear.

A low sperm count is not related to sexual anxiety or poor performance. It only relates to the volume and quality of sperm that the man produces but how do you know your sperm count without tests?

You might need to consult a doctor to know about the actual count. We have listed a few signs which indicate that you have a low sperm count.

  1. Hormonal issues. Hormonal imbalances could also be the reason behind a low sperm count. In some men this manifest says lack of facial hair. Obesity could cause a dip in testosterone levels at the same time. Very low body weight can disturb hormonal balance in the long run.
  2. Deep voice. There are studies that claim that men who have deep voices tend to have higher chances of having low sperm count.
    Generally women get attracted to guys who have a deep, manly voice. Actually, such voices indicate good testosterone levels but a voice which is too deep could indicate low sperm count too.
  3. Muscles. Men who are unable to develop muscle may also have higher chances of suffering low sperm count. Too much muscle fat can transform into estrogen and when estrogen levels raise, your sperm count may get affected.
  4. Extreme fatigue. If you feel tired and lack the energy levels or the zeal to even get up and do something, it could be one sign that your testosterone levels are low. In fact, it also indicate low sperm count.
  5. Swelling. Other signs of low sperm count are swelling and pain in the testicles. When the veins swell in the testicles the sperm count may dip.

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