What Are Your Periods Telling You? Let’s Look At Spotting

What Are Your Periods Telling You? Let’s Look At Spotting

Does your period start with some spotting? Is it brown? Did you know that your period can tell you what is going on with your body.

It’s really important to understand what a normal menstrual cycle looks like and oftentimes we ask so many questions about our period and menstrual cycle. Without a regular cycle and a
healthy period your fertility is compromised.

A healthy menstrual cycle is about 28 to 30 days long and your period starts very easily and smoothly without any PMS.

It’s bright red in colour, medium flow, no clots, no spotting and it lasts about 4 to 7 days in length. This is essentially what a healthy menstrual cycle looks like.

If you haven’t been tracking your menstruation and your your menstrual cycles then we do encourage you to start. Track details such as how you feel, what it looks like, the qualities around ovulation, menstruation cervical mucus and get acquainted with your body. Your body doesn’t do anything by accident. If you feel something is off, chances are it is.

Spotting before you bleed

Spotting is an indicator that the blood didn’t leave your body properly during the last cycle in a menstruation cycle. The blood got stranded and it stayed there and collected and now it’s leaving on the subsequent cycle.

Another thing that is very confusing is determining day one of your cycle. Day one is the first day that you bleed. It is the day where you get full, good medium flow, it is not that first day of spotting!

Two main reasons why people spot is because they have low progesterone and improper blood circulation. In the uterus there’s not enough healthy blood circulation which shows that there’s brown menstruation or brown spotting and that’s something that also needs to be addressed.

Spotting can be an indicator that you might have endometriosis.

A couple key things that you can do at home to address spotting is:

  • Take vitamins like B6 as it helps support progesterone levels or you can take a natural progesterone cream which can be found at your local pharmacy.

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