What Is Babydust and How Does It Play A Part Of My Infertility Journey?

Babydust is a natural sex-selection method which couples use to try and concieve for the gender of the baby they would like based on scientific evidence. Using timing + frequency, couples were able to conceive the gender of their choice 94% of the time!

Sex selection is the process of taking specific steps in an atempt to increase your chances of concieving your desired gender.

This is achieved through the timing and frequency of your intercourse during ovulation.

Here’s an overview of The Babydust Method:


In the infertility community, we also use baby dust as a way of saying goodluck and we wish that you conceive a healthy little baby, no matter the sex.

The babydust method relies on tracking your menstrual cycle for a couple of months before attempting to fall pregnant.

The main key to note with the baby dust method is that you have to have an understanding of the method and follow it exactly!

It is a symbol and physical reminder of hope.

Can you control your baby’s sex if you believe in babydust?

There are many claims out there stating that couples can control the sex of their baby if they did certain things and ate certain foods. There are many existing sex-selection methods out there, but parents have come to find out that all of these methods are more confusing than anything else. There has yet to be real and substantial evidence regarding “The Babydust Method” working or not, however couples are always willing to try anything if it increases their chance of their babies sex selection.

Hope, trust and baby dust!

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